High School Grad looking to specialize in the electronics dept

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I have finished my high school recently and i have to decide on what field to study. I have passion towards electronics and am pretty well skilled but my problem is in which field should i go to in electroniccs. Should i enter comm. or microwave or electronic circuits. Can I get some help from some pros to give me real sound advice, and which field is most prominent and has great market.

Thanks alot.
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Depends on several things, are you willing to travel. Field service is always hot, but I wouldn't recommend it for a life job.

I assume you have some experience, what turns you on the most, high voltage, digital, radio?


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Whatever you decide on it must be something you enjoy, otherwise you'll hate
going to work every day. Like Bill says, sit and think about it.


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Congratulations on your graduation :)

Have you considered military service? You can get quite an education and a lot of practical experience while being paid to do so, and serving your Country. You can go as far as you want with it. It worked for me. I was a radar systems/missile fire control technician on F-4 Phantoms.

I ran into a young Navy Veteran the other day, he had completed a 4-year tour repairing communications systems on ships, and was in his 2nd year of college working towards his EE degree. Upon completion of his degree, he will receive a commission as an Ensign and serve five years as an Officer via the Enlisted to Commissioned Officer program. Whether he stays for just five years or until retirement, his career will be an interesting one.


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All of the advice thus far has been good. I would like to recommend you heed in particular the wise advice that gerty has provided. You will be a supremely unhappy and by extension less successful individual if you select a career doing something you do not truly enjoy.

By selecting a vocation that you enjoy you will have bad days and good days but you will always be able to show up for work the day after a bad day enthusiastically ready to try again.



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To add to what Sgt said.

You will get some intangibles in the military. Leadership skills are one. Money for college is another.

You would be entering college with more experience and a clearer idea on what you want to do. Some of your training will convert to credits, thereby speeding up your path towards a degree.