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i wanted an electronic switch for my project.i thought of using a mosfet.but i dont know the connections of it as well as the part name.
the requiremens are:12V,upto 15A of current capability.please tell me if i have to give more info.
Check with international rectifer they have a plenty types of mosfet that suites to your needs. For example you have 12vol source supply that is capable of giving 15A, this will pass from D-S by applying gate voltage. I'm not good in explaining but I know how it works. well to make it simple search for IRF7476.


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agreed. If you are looking for low frequency of switching, a relay would be fine.

There are solid-state relays available that dont have the "click" of an electro-mechanical relay, if you want to use it in a quiet area.

Also, there is no back EMF with solid state, or not as much. Most relays have diodes across the coil to protect from that.

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thank you all for the replies.
i'm trying to build a stepper controller which demands an electronic switch.i want to eventually be able to drive high freq. brushless motors.so relays cannot be used.can anyone give a 3 pin mosfet which i could solder right away.i'm still learning,so i wouldnt be able to integrate IC's into my circuit.all i need is a mosfet which can handle 12V and approximately 15A of current.(all though i dont need 15A of current right now).when i give 1 to the gate a current of 15A should flow at minimum resistance.please name a mosfet that is more common so i can it easily.

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A SSR (solid state relay) is not mechanical. It may match your application nicely. Basically it is usually an optocoupled triac device.