High frequency tone generator

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    Jan 17, 2008
    High frequency tone generator
    I'm trying to create a high frequency tone generator to train dogs. I'm using a capacitor (.001 uf), resistors (100K), variable resistor, PNP transistor, NPN transistor, diode, speaker, push switch and a 6v battery (would prefer 9v). With this I am producing a high pitch but not above hearing. I would like to be able to generate tones from just audible to the human ear to above 30khz. Need to know what kind of speaker, where to get it, the size of capacitor and resistors and all the rest of the stuff that I don't yet know I need to know. The attached .pdf file is what I think I'm doing. R3 replaces the variable resistor and R4 replaces a 8 ohm .5w speaker. Thanks for any help
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