High Frequency Response of CE Amplifier

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I'm a little confused about the conclusions I should be drawing from this question, in addition to how to determine by what factor the power dissipation increases.

Are the new values I calculated from Am and fh reasonable? Is this expected? Why?

Also, how does the change in bias current effect the power dissipation?

We are told that the resistor values are adjusted so that the node voltages are maintained (and thus the currents are unchanged) so it seems the only difference in terms of currents would be that I is now 2I.

If the original power dissipation was,

(Iothers + I) * Vcc

Then the new power dissipation would be,

(Iothers + 2I) * Vcc

I can't seem to get a particular factor from this though.

Any ideas?

Thanks again!