high frequency integrator

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hello every body,

i have a project to make a function generator using 555 timer

i'am using the 555 timer as astable multivibrator to produce a square waves then passing it to an integrator to convert it to triangle wave then i used another integrator to produce a sine wave ,,,

the function generator must oscillates at 1 Hz - 1 MHz
in low frequencies it is simple to produce the integrator output

my problem now is at high frequencies such 1MHz how to integrate!!!

any ideas ???? i want to do it as fast as i can

thanx everybody


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Usea crystal as a clock source for a counter circuit, use the outputs of the counter through an op amp integrator/buffer and another to set output impedance to 50Ω.


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You might look up "Miller integrator". It can be made with one or more transistors which should be fast enough for your requirements.

Edit: The problem with an integrator is that its output amplitude is inversely proportional to frequency. How will you deal with that?

It would be much easier if you could use a function generator chip such as the XR2206 which generates square, sine, ramp, and triangular waveforms.
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