High End preamp with 12AX7 (measurements)!

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    Jul 1, 2011
    Hello oll!
    I decided to do this "Tube High-End preamplifier with ECC83" (given to the schematic) and the worked,... worked, and the resultat ... you can see in the picture (down)!
    Feature of preamplifier!
    The sound is very defined area in the whole spectrum! Great sense of prostornos in depth and width so that real warm tube sound, ... because the second harmonic dominates!
    Here are some measurements i did see!
    The Figure A - Frequency Response for preamplifier (flat to 32Hz ...... 30kHz at + /-1dB).
    [​IMG][​IMG]The Figure B - Shows the response of incoming sine wave of 1kHz with adjustable amplitude at the output of 0dB.
    Second harmonic is -47dB (0.78%):), and the third harmonic at -62dB (0.15%):rolleyes:. Very good features for the right Tube sound!

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    It is not necessary to start multiple threads about a project that you have completed; it makes more work for the Moderators who then have to combine the threads.
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    Jul 1, 2011
    Please put everything in the same subject, if possible,...!??
    thanks ;)