High DC Voltage Measurement

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Hi everyone,

I want to do some high DC voltage experiments, and want to be able to measure DC voltages up to say about 30KV DC voltage.

I have a Tektronix TDS 220 oscilloscope and a couple of multimeters.
These have a max input of 300 Volts.
I want to use the oscilloscope to monitor the waveform (pulsed DC), and use the multimeters for additional high voltage measurements.

What is the best way to take these measurements?
(which must be precise and not effect my circuit that I am measuring)

Any suggestions?

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For very high voltages (kVs), the industry standard probe is the Tektronix P6015A (link). They're not cheap, but there should be plenty on the 2nd hand market. Beware though - the older models may be filled with toxic transformer oil. Newer models use safer silicone.

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will a voltage divider with 10000MOhm resistors work?

i want to try save money if I can. I don't want to buy an expensive passive probe if its just a couple resistors in there.

like the Amprobe HV231-10A

can I post link to it here?


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Ordinary resistors will break down at the voltages you suggest. You will need to purchase resistors rated for voltages above the ones you will work with.

You also have corona effect to contend with. Are you familiar with designing to compensate for corona?