High current at medium speeds to inductive load

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Hi, I am trying to send a lot of current to an inductor to generate a magnetic field that can replicate the bits that I am receiving from a serial port and have them picked up by a hall effect sensor or RFID tag. The baud rate is only 9200 and I have the signal converted to 0-5V logic before going to my inductor circuit. All of the designs I've tried have suffered from 2 issues: inductor can't discharge fast enough to make the bits going through the inductor smooth enough to be picked up by a hall-effect sensor and I can't seem to get more than about 100 mA through the inductor switching at 9200 baud. Ideally, I'd like to be able to shove an amp through the inductor at 9200 baud. I'm not an analog person; what do you all recommend I try to do next?


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Post your circuit(s) with part numbers used where applicable, and explain variations of what looked more promising.

You can increase the rate of change of current through an inductor by using a higher voltage, or by using a smaller value inductor, or increasing the gauge of wire you're using. Getting the current flow stopped is another matter; you'll probably need to use (a) snubber(s).