Hifonics bxi 1606d burnt resistors???

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I have a Hifonics BXi 1606D Super class d amp, that has roughly about 10 blown/burnt resistors, i'm capable of replacing these, i just have no clue on what i need to order, the numbers next to the resistors are-R25E1, R26E1, R27E1, R28E1, R29E1, R30E1, R25E, R35E, R26E, and one that i cannot read, and a couple of the mosfets are cracked right by these resistors. so could you help me figure out which parts i need.


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Do you have the schematic?
The resistors are probably broken due to malfunctioning of the mosfets.



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That presents a real challenge. The component values are on the schematic, keyed to the part designators.

If the damage is all in one channel, you may be able to find the complimentary part on the other side and get their values by measurement. The FET's may be standard and have good numbers on the case.

Of course, there may be more damage further back in the driver IC. You could get lucky, but class D amps usually need a meter and oscilloscope to troubleshoot.