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    Jun 10, 2013
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    As has been mentioned, hijacking someone elses thread is not allowed on AAC, so I have given you a thread of your very own.

    This was split from doubt in spy camera


    Hey, do you know if I can get cheap hidden cameras at my city. I would like to buy a hidden camera as I am suspicious about my maid activity at home so it would be nice to collect evidence first. I have made my search and came to know some hidden camera but don’t know about the sound quality as that is really mandatory.
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    1) You are hijacking a thread, which is considered impolite. You should start your own thread so that readers don't have to see a mix of responses to two different trains of discussion. I will report your post to a moderator and ask them to split off these two posts and give you your own thread, so don't do anything just yet. They usually do stuff like this pretty quickly.

    2) You are asking whether you can get cheap hidden cameras at your city. Well, hard to say since you give no indication what your city is.

    3) Be sure to check out the legalities involved. People have a right to a reasonable level of expectations regarding their privacy, even when in someone else's home. The laws regarding what is reasonable and what you can and can't do when and where and how vary all over the place (literally and figuratively). Don't catch your maid doing something illegal and then have it turn out that YOU get the fine for recording it!
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    As the other guy said, you are kind of hijacking this thread. Besides, it's kind of silly to join an electricity forum just to ask this kind of thing. If you have a Yahoo email address, you could have simply used Yahoo answers for this kind of thing. It wouldn't have been hard to google this kind of thing, either (although I suspect that's probably how you found this forum to begin with, considering this is your first post).

    If you'd like a real answer, try googling 'Nanny Cam'. Or if you want to do it the old fashioned (less fancy spy gear) way, just hide a video camera behind something so that it can still see but not easily be found.

    There, now I've taken care of this, so this shouldn't bug the rest of the thread.