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    Feb 11, 2009
    Just thought I'd say hi. I have a little electronics experience but only in repairing, modding and my exams from school when I was 15, about 17 years ago. So Im reading volume 1 ATM. Probably have a ton of questions because there are a ton of projects I want to try, may have overdone it with the 'beginner' parts. I was experimenting with an ATmega168 and LCD with temperature, messages and driving LEDs etc. and it occured to me, no matter how well I can control the thing I should really find out about everything else around it, I dont want stuck at LEDs making pretty patterns. So with no real interests apart from getting drunk, playing computer games and building things I eventually spent my xmas money on about 1600 resistors, assorted IC timers, pots, switches, buttons, LEDs, voltage regs, caps, buzzers, lamps, laser modules, solar panels and probably things I have no idea I actually now have as of last week, sort of spur of the moment but my heads been buzzing to do this for a looooooooong time.
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    Hi Barry:

    Welcome aboard. We'll be glad to buzz your head a lot more. :)

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    Welcome to AAC - an rest assured that, no matter how much stuff you have on hand, there is always at least one more you need to actually complete the project.
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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Feb 11, 2009
    Hi, thats what Im looking for :)

    Hello, I'm beginning to see that, I had 200 res. and have ordered another 1440 ... also everytime I see something new I see how to implement it in a current project ... which is actually 'argh' for a brain like mine (one with an over-active imagination).

    Hi and thanks for those links. I dont want short term answers, I want into the guts of it all.


    PS ... "I dont want short term answers, I want into the guts of it all" means thats great because thats the sort of thing Im after :) I made a sub of 'Reference' under one of my many link folders, just for that.
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    Barry M, welcome to AAC!

    Be sure to check the e-book (which you already have), the worksheets, and the videos. Glad to see you're getting stuck in.