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I just registered to your marvellous community and only wanted to say hi to everyone.

It was a few weeks ago that i came to pick up electronics as a hobby again. My knowledge was never very deep and so i recently decided to change that over the following year or so. My motivation being to advance enough so as to eventually build and program microcontroller-circuits that won't blow up in evil smelling smoke the very second i power up.

And because the best way to learn something is by trying to teach it to someone, as they say, i began playing with the thought of translating the entire Kuphaldt into german. Since the books are heavily illustrated i guess i could comfortably get 20 pages or so done per day. If only i weren't so easily distracted with everytihng that isn't really work! :)

Well, we'll see. But first things first: Please do feel free to tell me asap, if there happens to already be a german translation in limbo someplace else, lest i start on something even more futile and due for an untimely ending than anything merely being tried by me :)

I'm really looking forward to any feedback by you folks, even though i _may_ have failed inspiring anyone with much confidence in me by this here little post of mine.


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Hi and Welcome to All About Circuits.

Your idea of a German translation of the e-book sounds like a interesting task. In the years I have been associated with AAC I haven't come across a translated version of the books. I would be interested in hearing your progress in your endeavours.

That said hope you make use of the AAC forums and the experience of the members here. Many of us have a pretty good grasp of the e-book and would be willing to help guide your project in any way that is possible. And feel free to contribute to the AAC project if you so desire.