Hi, Solar tracking as final study project

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Hi reshma

You have done an amazing job with the tracker.

I am a final year student and am doing a similar project using PIC168f77a ULN2003 and unipolar stepper motors.

Can you please help me out ?
I am new to C and finding it difficult to write the code.
I am using MPLab and Hi tech C as the compiler.
If you could guide me with the code i would be REALLY REALLY indebted

Thanx :) :)

Hi Pravvish

As SgtWookie correctly pointed out, the schematic wouldn't be of much help if you haven't decided which microcontroller you are using. Also a major part of any microcontroller based project depends on the software as well. There are a number of different types of stepper motors available..the unipolar stepper motor being the most popular. Sgtwookie has suggested a number of current driver ICs, you can choose one depending on your requirement. Good luck.