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    May 22, 2010
    Hello im new to the forum , i need some help i did this minimization for the functions down and i need to construct the circuit with nand gates but i never seems to get it right...

    f2=wz+xy+yz' this would be ( (w'z'x'y')+yz'=((wzxy)(y'z)) after applying deMorgans, i dont know if i did it right there is where i need help..
    f3=wz'+yz this one ( (w'z)(y'z') ) after deMorgan
    f4=x'y'z+w'xz' this ( (xyz')(wx'z) ) after deMorgan
    f5=w'y'z+w'x'y this ( (wyz')(wxy') ) after deMorgan

    i dont know if im doing it right but when i try to construct the circtuit in logism i dont get the functionality of the circuit , the circuit got 4 enterance and for the numbers from 0-9 (gets the gray representation) gives on one output the result when dividing with 3 and on other output gives the remainder when dividing with 3 and on 3 output gives bit for odd or even 1's on the first 2 outputs

    eg. 3/3 output 1 : 01 , output 2: 00 , output 3 : 1 (odd 1's on the other outputs not including the 3 itself)

    thanks for any help if you could !