Hi - Im hoping someone would assist with 3 phase theory

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I have a STAR connected load comprising of

10L30° in RED phase
30ΩL60° in the BLUE phase 20
20L45° in the YELLOW phase

The line voltage is 230V

I need to determine the current in the NEUTRAL.

So far I have got to....

Ib = Vbn/Z = 120L210° / 30L60°

Ir = Vrn/Z = 120L90° / 10L30°

Iy = Vyn/Z = 120L-30° / 20L45°

I am struggling to identify how to calculate the results for this as all the examples that I have I cannot figure out how they got to the final answer for the neutral current

Sorry for sounding a little dumb just trying to get my head around this...

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Proceed with calculation of the individual phase currents then algebraically add the three values in their complex form. The resultant complex number will be the Neutral current expressed as a complex value. You would then probably just express that in the complex polar form and take that as your answer.