Hi every body , I need some informations about the semiconductor devices' overlap !!

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    Mar 15, 2010
    Hi everybody , this is my first sharing in this forum , I face some problems in my study about the overlap which relates or originates in some semiconductor devices which have a source inductance and an inductive load (highly inductive load) .

    I want some informations about the following circuits :

    - single-phase half-wave controlled & uncontrolled circuit with comutating diode .
    - single-phase bridge circuit .
    - fully-controlled single-phase bridge circuit .
    - half-controlled single-phase bridge circuit .
    - 3-phase half-wave circuit using diodes .
    -3-phase half-wave controlled circuit using thyristors .

    I need the wave-forms that are related to each case and also the mathematical equations that include ( Vd.c , Vmaan & firing angle gama ).

    Thank you for helping me

    nasser ;
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    Most of those topics make effective search terms in Google. Try a bit of research and reading. We do better with specific questions.
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    You should have a read through the Ebook here. (At the top of every page)

    You may also want to download a simulation program. That way you can build the circuit on the screen and see the waveforms themselves.
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    Mar 15, 2010