Hi,can i use an SN74LSO7 as a mosfet/IGBT driver?


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You do not need to do multiple posts for basically the same question.
As for the 74LS07, it is not really the best for highest switching speed as it is an open collector output so a pullup resistor is needed.
But it may quite well do the job for you. A 1K pullup to 12V for the gate supply will switch pretty fast I think.


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I would work. It needs a pull-up resistor as it is an open-collector device, so the turn-on would be a bit slow. It might need several sections in parallel if it is driving a device with a lot of gate charge.
I can think of better things to use, but if you just happen to have one, give it a go!


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If you need actual "High-Speed" Switching,
use either one of these ...........
Which one depends on how much Gate Capacitance you are trying to pump.
One is ~6-Amp-Peak,
and the other is ~30-Amp-Peak,
MCP14 06 07


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The slow turn on you get with a pullup resistor is probably more trouble than it is worth. Keep looking for an alternative.


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So, what frequency you are switching at? Then you can have some suggestions as to whether it might be adequate or whether you should buy a proper gate driver IC.