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All i know in my life is computer, computer, computer only. Is there a degree or equivalent qualification only on computer languages available in India? I want to go out of India and be at a better place where all my talents can be appreciated. Thank You.

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Hi, I don't think you'll get many answers relevant to India as this is an English speaking forum. Since you mentioned leaving India, you should consider immigrating to Canada or taking an online program. United States has been specializing in online education for a long time as well. Diplomas and degrees granted in either of these countries are recognized around the world for their quality.

As for the programs, I'll share a bit of my experience including links to my government's website which regulate the programs. If you do select a program from Canada, it is very important to make sure it is accredited by the province or territory. The ALIS website provides this services if you intend to work in Alberta, Canada. I'm not sure which programs would be available online but you can use this as a reference to see what education and working conditions are like in Canada.

1) Computer programmers create, modify, and test the forms, scripts, and code that tell computers what to do.

2) Computer engineers design, implement, evaluate, modify, maintain, and test computer systems and related equipment.

3) Computer service technicians install, service, and configure computer operating software and hardware systems and networks. This includes desktop computers, servers, and related equipment such as printers and network drives.

4) Computer network administrators plan, establish, operate, maintain, and support the use of computer networks and related hardware and software.

As you can see, there are a lot of options especially if you immigrate. Use this link to search for all "computer" related occupations: https://alis.alberta.ca/occinfo/occupations-in-alberta/?s=computer

The costs for a two year diploma are around $10000-15000 CAD and a four year degree starts at $30000 CAD. These costs are for residents of Canada. Many schools (US especially) now offer single online courses at reduced prices. If you can afford it, I highly recommend taking a beginner course on any topic it as it will count on your transcript if you decide to change schools. Good luck.


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Many Indians are around here. Surprise! They often speak English fluently... India was a British colony. :rolleyes:

That said, there are many opportunities for Indians to get an undergraduate degree in India and a graduate degree in another country... common countries to immigrate to for graduate school are Germany, France, US, and Canada,


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I knew over 1000 Indians were working in Taiwan, they worked for Technology Companies, but I don't know the details, and I don't know your ability, so I can't decide for you, if you are interested then you can google or click the links -- Computer job in Taiwan.