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The 2H2 and O2 molecules as a result of this method is wrong. This is a method of electrolysis of water and its resulting molecules are H2 and O2, independent from each other -NOT chemically bonded- but sharing the same container. 2H2 molecules production needs an intermediate LARGE apparatus between the electrolysis phase and the engine. This "magic"method clearly doesn't have it. Moreover, what is labeled as hydrogen generator Is an electrolysis of water machine with both poles in the same bottle. Hydrogen/oxygen generators have its poles in two different bottles. From there you will need to produce 2H2 in other apparatus and then a third container to combine 2H2 and O2. Just to top it all up, O2 molecule is HIGHLY corrosive O3 (ozone) even more so. This method's marketeers conveniently forget to address that H2+O2 and its bi-product -water- are more corrosive than petro fuels.I don't reject this technology but I definitely oppose its misinformed marketing procedures, google it!!


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This is a link to the previous thread - http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?t=12711&page=5.

Were you aware that a significant byproduct of the combustion of gasoline is (gasp) water? All those nasty hydrogens combining with oxygen (out of thin air) combine in a two to one ratio to make H20.

No one has ever marketed water as a rust preventer.

We do manage to live in a corrosive atmosphere that is around 21% oxygen. Some methods for managing the hazard have been evolved over time.

What is the method and purpose of the "2H2" apparatus, and why does it require a third container to mix H2 & O2? For that matter, what is "2H2"?