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    Jun 27, 2008
    completely new here so hello to all.

    my problem is simple and complex at the same time. i,m developing an electrolyzer. i have made one. it was too too small. so i increased the plate sizes by a few inches. the same amount of production occurred in both devices. so i hooked up 2 car batteries to get a sum total of 24V and however many amps. the production was 2x's as much. so i know that 24 volts = more HHO. but i wonder about the amps that i will need along with increasing the volts. say i step it up to 240V. how many amps do i need. or even up to 120v? and then what else do i need to think about. and how do i make it variable so i can increase or decrease as i i see fit?

    can anyone help me with this stuff? does anyone know anyone that has actually done this? if so may i contact them or something?
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    Apr 20, 2004
    Electrolysis is fairly well understood. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on it.

    Be aware that both oxygen and hydrogen gas are evolved in the process. If the two gases are not separately collected, the mixture is quite explosive. Be very cautious in experimenting.

    By the way, you cannot produce hydrogen and increase gas mileage. It takes more energy to make the hydrogen than you get in burning it.
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    Jun 27, 2008
    but the hydrogen is 3x's more combustable than gas. if established into a storage system then there is no need to use the car for processing. the electrolyzer doesn't have to run all the time. cuts back on emissions. the hydrogen is what i,m after. if i can find a way to step it up then it would only require a small amount of energy to produce the hydrogen.

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    Every electronics chat forum has people claiming (without proof) that HHO will increase fuel economy in cars and trucks. Usually they link to a site that sells expensive and useless books.

    Use a lot of expensive gasoline to power your engine so its alternator can burn out doing electrolysis. Then the tiny amout of hydrogen produced will be nearly useless.
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    This topic seems to come up every couple of weeks.

    Electrolysis isn't the most efficient way to generate hydrogen.

    When you use electrolysis, the HHO (aka Brown's Gas) you wind up with is a stochiometric blend that is extremely flammable - unless you separate the hydrogen from the oxygen at the + and - electrodes. It would not be advisable to store the mixed gasses in any quantity unless you like large explosions. :eek:

    Hydrogen is not an energy producer, it's a carrier. Unfortunately, it takes a good deal more energy to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen than you get back when the mixture is burned.