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any brother can help me on this..........

i'm doing electrolysis project to produce hydroxy, i have tried to use pwm circuit to run my experiment, the problem i face is it cannot improved the efficiency at the higher current (it can be improve when i trying a rod, 180mA improved to 220mA, When adding more rod, result will be same to direct DC supply, it's also happened when i trying on stainless steel plate). When i connect to +- plate (2 Plate) of SS plate, the current i get is 1300mA (with and without PWM) , the another problem is the fix voltage regulator MC7812C will be heat when i adding more than 2 plate of SS, anyone can give me some suggestion to modified my circuit?????

i'm heard that waveform 1 as attached as a output can improved the efficiency of the result, anyone know that it's true or not?

all picture are attached as below.......

Thanks for helping me...........brother........

hope u all can help me solve this problem.....



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Welcome to the forums. Your circuit looks somewhat familiar out of the large collection from the hand of Stanley Meyer. We have a thread open in this same area - http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?t=15713.

This is not a profitable area to devote time and effort. None of the ideas of Meiyer's are ever going to work. I have spent a bit of time looking through his publications, and am convinced that he was only a scam artist. An indirect thief of people's money and hopes.

The links below are a fair but not exhaustive list of the discussions we have had to recent date about electrolysis for use in increasing mileage. While the list is not complete, I would think that the subject has been dealt with exhaustively.

Before posting further, please take the time to read through these threads. You will have a much better idea of what is likely/possible to do. If our various responses seem discouraging, consider that we do have a great deal of experience in the area of electronics. We have a pretty good idea of what is possible.

Please note that we are willing to help build and refine circuits for such purpose, while remaining sceptical about the ultimate outcome. We are here to help spread knowledge around, not to protect against progress that will cost oil interests' money.










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Use very low amps on the plates on/off for about 1 month, drying in between. This builds a corrosion layer, to help keep your amps down.

Use a step up transformer with a diode on the secondary positive, just like in the picture. Put the secondary positive and negative to separate coils wound on the same core. Not sure about polarity... experiment

As for the circuit, I am going to try and replace all the pots with 5M ohms
And reduce the 100 ohm resistors next to the pots to 47. I hope for wider range.


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Where can I get a unipolar magnetic field coupling? I need one for another project.



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Thanks. Got two. Now I can make my car run with magnets recovered from discarded hard drives. John


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Don't forget: You'll get even better results if the core of your multi-polarity transformer is made from a material with negative magnetic permeability!


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Don't forget to add the monopoles, their critical to good performance.