hey there i got a similar assignment

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hey guys i''ve got a very similar assignment but in mine i've to distinguish between different species of cicada's (some type of insect) based on the noise it makes .i.e. different species makes different noise and based on that i've got to recognise it.......so what i was thinkin is to store some samples in the first place and the perform the fast fourier transformation of it.........now since i'll only be tested on the spices that i've stored so when the user plays a random clip it will perform the FFT of it and compare it to the already stored ones...........Now i know how to perform the FFT but the comparison part seems to be a problem.......can any one please help


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Welcome to the AAC forum. Hopefully we will be able to assist you with your inquiry. If this is an assignment for a course you are taking, the members are willing to assist you but will want to see a good-faith effort on your part.

As for your specific request, it is always best to start a fresh post rather that attempt to pend your request for help to an existing thread (a practice referred to as "hijacking"). In that way you will get the spotlight on your particular problem and avoid confusion in the previous thread.