Hey, i need some help

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Im working on a project- an electric "organ"
based on the 8051 micro and the isd1420 chipcorder.
in my record program i made 10 different record cycels, one for each key i will press on the keyboard.
i took a7,a6,a5,a4 of the isd1420 and conecct them to free ports. before the record begin("0" on pin 27) i made adress for each record cycle by sending "1" or "0" to these pins.
(im aware of the special function mode and the Thold time and its fine).
everything works great and the chip record the signal, but when i play it (same thing but now "0" on pin 24), i hear the speaker turning on, but just after a second i begin to hear sound, just the end of the record. (i made a delay between the "0" and the "1" of 1.5 seconds in the record program )
can someone tell me wahts the problem?
(sorry about the bad english lol)
thank you very much!!!