Hex file error: "Could not open the hex-file"

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hi people,

I seem to get a problem on my IAR workbench when compiling a C program for my CC2430. I have compliled the executable (main.c) with .h files fine (with some warnings), and can make it. BUT: when i run RF Studio Flash Programmer plugin for IAR it says: "Could not open the hex-file".

I have real a post on KEIL that the .hex file can not be longer than 8 characters, but mine isn't! main.c -> 4 chars!

ANY IDEAS PEOPLE? I hope there is nothing wrong within the code and its a trivial problem..............


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Open the "alleged" .hex file with a text editor and see if it conforms to the hex file spec. As a minimum each line needs to begin with a colon and end with a newline. The problem may not be opening the file but in reading the and understanding the contents. checkout the following reference.