hepl me for RF signal based micro-controller interfacing

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hi all
i want do a project that micro controller interfaced with RF modules and transmitter transmit frequency and receiver receive it, if there is any change in reviving frequency micro-controller gives signal. i want use any RF pair which is easily available in market and normal 8051 controller(not PIC, AVR) !!!! same project like RFID but without RFID devices ... if any other way available please guide me!!!!!!!
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Your English isnt too clear but if they are RF modules, you should be able to put data on the TX and receive it on the RX pin. plain and simple. I was able to transmit audible sound from a 555 timer in astable mode through a homemade FM transmitter and it worked like charm. you might not be able to pump that much data through the link though. Maybe a 1-2Mbits/s