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i'm a newbie to microcontroller and i wish to learn about it.can anyone help me out with information.few questions:(1) what form of input(analog/digital) is to be applied to a uc? and what form of output do we get? (2) can a stepper motor be driven directly from a uc output,if not what kind of circuit we need to use (3) how many inputs and outputs are available?


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I could easily say to you that read more. Atmel offers tons of information about their circuits, how to use them, what they are capable of. If you are not familiar with electronics, meaning that you dont know what is current, volts, transistor, resistor ,diode etc. Learn to use them first to achieve a working circuit, and understand how they work before you move to more complex designs like processors or some devices that are driven by those.
Learning the basics is the base to learn more, you cant jump into the end without reading the beginning. So start with the basics.