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[attachmentid=1113]Hello does anybody know what this is called? And where I can find one please
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that is buses we can find it in c.p.u

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Originally posted by krish_santhu@Jan 15 2006, 08:10 PM
that is buses we can find it in c.p.u
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What is buses? It is out of my Car DVD player it connects the face plate to the main unit any Idea where to find this part and what do I ask for?


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Yes, it's a flat ribbon cable.

I had one of those go out in a CD player I had. Finding a replacement, unless you can get one from the manufacturer, is a hopeless idea. They seem to be made just to be used in whatever they're in, every single one of them is different.

I just replaced it by desoldering the connector from each board and replacing it with a bunch of tracer wire. Here's a picture:


This worked for quite some time. However, the hot glue cracked, which allowed the solder joints to be stressed (the cable went to a moving part), and they eventally failed. Perhaps silicone would have been the thing to use.