Help with wireless stepper motor and LCD project

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Hey everyone, here's my situation...

So right now I have a handset controller consisting of two differential output encoders, 8 momentary pushbutton switches, a 24vdc-5vdc converter, and an LCD. RS-232 from a DMC-21x3 controller is wired directly to the LCD and the encoders and switches are wired directly to an AMP-20440, which is an inter-connectable card for the DMC-21x3 capable of managing brush type servo motors. On top of that, an additional mountable chip called the SDM-20242 is being used to drive multiple stepper motors.

If you are not familiar with the DMC-21x3, it is a econo controller sold by Galil. Here is a link to its product description...

So my goal is to make this entire system wireless. I have been currently messing around with a couple of FreeWave's MM2-T radios just to send serial from my computer to the LCD but haven't made much progress yet. I'm not even sure how I am going to make the switches and encoders wireless yet.

Well hopefully all of this makes a little bit of sense. Does it seem like I am at least on the right track or should I scrap the radios and try Bluetooth instead?
Any advice for this project would be much appreciated!!