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I'm just starting out with electronics and I've found this diagram of a battery powered sound amp. I thought this would be a cool project to do for my guitar. I'm only in grade 9 and I've learnt about ohms law. I can read switches and resisters off a circuit. Other than that I'm stuck!

Please could someone help me with the layout of the circuit and tell me what are the exact parts that I will need.



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The circuit is built around an "LM386 low voltage audio power amplifier." You can read about the chip here:

This is really just an "operational amplifier" optimized for a given task. You can read about operational amplifiers here:

In addition to resistors, the only other components in the circuit are capacitors. Learning about capacitors takes a little more effort than learning about resistors. See both of the following:
and then

You'll should also begin learning how to solder.


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This could be somewhat difficult if you don't have the means to make a printed circuit board. An alternative would be to go to and get a bus strip to breadboard the circuit on. Their #WB-102-1+J is only $6.49. They have small parts, too.