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  1. zoranfci

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    Nov 4, 2009
    my project is to build a simulated piano circuit which we can play different tunes when press keyboard buttons .

    we should use a nice program called atanua which is a logic simulator designed for educational use.

    atanua include all common logic blocks, including gates, latches and flipflops, 8-bit audio,clock inputs . Additionally Atanua simulates about 30 different 74-series chips, buttons that are bound to the user's .

    but atanua don't include resistors .

    so, i wanna help to design a piano circuit or something simple that plays different tunes by this program ?
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    Apr 20, 2004
    You may be off to a rough start because your ideas are not yet firmed up -
    Try starting with a block diagram that has the steps between a keypress and a note coning out the speaker. Once you have something on paper, elaborate it until you can assign the Atuana building blocks to each step of the process.