Help with setup of gEDA and PCB?

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New to simulation and PCB software. Using Linux, I'm trying to setup gEDA's PCB. I can't seem to figure out the proper syntax for telling the program to use a particular directory to find symbols that I might add.

I'm using the tutorial here:

as well as here:

Instead of wanting to create a link or directory for each project, I want to create one directory to house all my added symbols. I created ~/gaf/symbols for that purpose, then go into Preferences, select "Library", then type in "~/gaf/symbols".

When I return to the project and open up Window/Library, I find my directory. But when I click on either of the two symbols in there the program abruptly exits.

The two symbols I have in that directory came with the tutorial, so I doubt there is a problem with them, but you never know... so I have attached them. I had to rename them to *.asc in order to attach them, but they are .sym files.

Any insight as to how to properly set this up would be greatly appreciated.
Keith Ostertag