Help with serial multiplier

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I need to build a 16-bit serial multiplier using logic gates. I've been googling a bit but can't find a full circuit. basically i just get a description on how to do it but it doesn't really help because all the gates need to be built at transistor level lol. Otherwise if anybody has a tanner library which has a multiplier that would be great

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Transistor level implementation isn't the end of the world.. This is due to the fact that the reduced (hopefully) function is made up of predictable elements. Although, there are some tricks to combining gate functions in CMOS, it's a pretty straight-forward process.

I had this professor that would get us to design a very large 15+ gate circuit, then do the complete CMOS schematic after. This, one of many questions on a 3 hour exam :(

These students did the work for a 6-bit, but I didn't verify. It looks extendable. Serial Multiplier.ppt