Help with school project on strain gauge

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I am doing a project on strain gauges at school. The output of the strain gauge is dc, and the output ranges from 0.05mv to 1 or 2 mv. I would like to boost the signal to like a range of 1 to 10 volts. I have tried using a 741 opamp to do it. However, it seems that the Noise is quite high. Does anyone know how i can boost the signal without very high noise? Thanks.


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Without a post of your circuit, it's hard to make more than a guess. The excitation voltage and amplifier circuit are pretty critical.

If your strain gauge is in a bridge configuration, then the best result is from an instrumentation amplifier looking at the bridge output as a differential voltage. It also cancels common-mode noise.

741's are very old designs. A higher impedance op amp that might do better is something like an OP-27.