Help with RSLogix5000 "tag move"

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    Jan 26, 2010

    I am a Electrical Engineering student on my way to completing my Electrical Technologist Diploma. One of my classes is a "Automated Systems Research and Development" course in which I have been assigned to have an Allen-Bradley Control Logix 5000 PLC communicate Real Time Data from a windmill on campus to an Allen-Bradley InView-P94C message board. The Program I have created is communicating with the Inview, and triggering the messages correctly. My question is, if anyone can help or even relate, is it at all possible to take a tagged piece of info (ex. windspeed_1) and have that info moved into another tag. To clarify, I want a tag that the InView sign can read and display as well as the data from the tag.(ex. Windspeed: [windspeed_1]). If anyone has any ideas or needs anymore information as to what exactly I am asking, please post.

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    In RSlogix5000, all data is tagged data, so if your MSGing on a network, your source and destination are tags. You could COP from tag to tag as well.