Help with Rode Microphone Circuit Board

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I have an old Rode NT1 condenser Mic.
I fixed it a couple of months ago by rewiring. I'm not good at soldering, but it worked. Then it fell from the mic stand and stopped working again.
Upon inspection one of the wires had gotten loose from the circuit board.
I rewired once more but have had no luck having it working again.
I fear i might have damaged the circuit board with my sloppy soldering. (I think that it might be input 1 / power source not working)
I'll attach pictures to get your opinions.
Thank you all.

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Hello. there welcome to AAC! :)
On the printed circuit board l3 looks damaged but cannot identify the color bands that gives the inductance value.

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new pics.
I don't know if there is supposed to be solder between c9 and c10 or not, but I think that some slipped there when soldering the cable so I tried to remove as much as I could.
pcb front.jpgpcb back.jpg


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The lack of insulation at the blk, rd and white wires is not acceptable. You should remove, remove all solder using a suction tool and/or solder wick, cut wires, tin the wire tips and re-solder so it’s clean.