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    Sep 15, 2013
    Hello all and thanks in advance for reading,

    I was setting up a radio freq transmission and receiving system as a test. It is a PIC chip producing a cycling bit on 4 bit output (0001, 0010, 0100 1000, each for 1 second and repeat), through encoder chip (HT12E) and on to the 3v transmitter from below:
    Then on the other side was the reciever (the corresponding 5v 50kb/s), decoder and the 4 bit number converted into 4 leds which cycled through according to the PIC programme.
    Everything working fine and dandy and output from rf reciever is pretty clean: The information is there but its a little hairy: I wasn't expecting much from breadboard test tbh.
    The problems I am having are when the LED are cycling through. Every couple of cycles, a bit of hesitance or irregularity occurs (but i wasnt able to spot any wierdness in the waveform but this is not necessarily the case). For example, one LED might stay lit for 2s or longer, then the other LEDS will whistle through to 'catch up'.

    I am starting to look at putting this onto PCB and I would like to erase this problem (so that i can actually send 4 bit data)
    Could anyone possibly tell me what this could be due to? Is it likely to improve on PCB?
    Btw power sources are decoupled and everything is definitely working up to the data in of the transmitter so rule those out please.

    Many thanks,