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Hi all, i am doing a little mini home project and have got little idea of where to begin with the resistor i need.

I know i need something similar to this...

The issue is, i want to run a few of these and identify which one is sending me a signal, that means i will need some way to assign the sensor an id.

Any idea if there is such a thing - or can i add my own chip somehow to give it an id or what not

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If you want to using the uC to input the signals from the sensors, maybe you could doing like this:
8 sensors → LM324*2 8 comparators → CD4051 → uC.

1. Assuming that you have 8 sensors, and you give each sensor an ID from 1 to 8.

2. Using two LM324 Op Amp as 8 comparators, and setting the Vref(Voltage reference) to detecting the sensors from 1 to 8.

3. Using the uC to selecting the output results of comparators from 1 to 8.

It just a thought, so maybe you need to modify something.