Help WIth Pspice schematics

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I am trying to simulate a 555 timer in monostable mode so that it can stay on after a delay or 1.2us. I have used R=1.09 ohm and C= 1u to get the time using T=1.1*R*C. but the output is simply becoming zero after a brief ns time.:( i have us scale in X axis. Please help..


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You have μs scale in what X axis?

Where did you find a 1.09Ω resistor (or, I should say, where would you find one when you go to actually build the thing)?

How much current needs to flow in that resistor?

Try something more reasonable, like a 1.1kΩ resistor and a 1nF capacitor.

For any better response, you need to post your circuit.