Help with proper grounding of tesla coil

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    Right now im really confused about proper grounding of the different components in a tesla coil. im finding so much contradicting information on the internet.i read that RF ground should not connect to transformer Ground, the opposite of what the schematic shows. hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. i attached a drawing to refer to. basically just wondering which points get connected to eachother and whether they go to earth ground or mains ground.

    A=mains ground
    B= Ground on the EMI noise filter
    C=chassi of HV transformer also common to center tap of output
    D=transformer ground on terry filter
    E=RF ground on terry filter
    F=Ground point for the strike ring
    G= earth ground for the bottom of the secondary
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    Mains ground is earth ground, just a bit of copper in the middle.

    Run all grounds to a single Earthing Block, at which point this block can connect to an earth stake or mains ground (preferably not both as you'll get ground loops, probably not a problem for you though).