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I have circuit with a voltage source having equation E = 20*sin(15*t).
It has two resistances (R1, R2), one capacitor © and one inductor (L).
C is in parallel with R2 and L (which are both in series).
the above ciruit is in series with R1.

this gives us two governing equations:
E = I1*R1 + (1/C) * ∫ (I1-I2) dt


I2*R2 + L (dI2 / dt) + (1/C) * ∫ (I1-I2) dt = 0

initial values of I1 and I2 are zeros. I need to find the value of I1 and I2 at corresponding time = 1, 2, 3 .... 10 secs and then draw the plot till 100 secs.
Can somebody help me in finding the solution to this question. or maybe if someone can guide me if this can be done in MATLAB and how....I will be really greatful thanks a lot