Help with project, not sure how to turn it into a ladder logic program

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    Dec 9, 2009
    Slide 2 .O {font-size:149%;} 1.Use separate subroutine for “Main”, “Conveyor”, “Clamp”, and “Drill”.
    2.E-Stop de-energizes entire process.
    3.When the “Start” pushbutton is pressed “Run Process” is enabled and stays enabled after “Start” is released.
    4.“Stop” pushbutton de-energizes entire process.
    5.Any time “Run Process” is enabled, a red warning light will turn on.
    6.When “Run Process” is enabled, the conveyor starts after a selectable delay (via thumbwheel input).
    7.Conveyor stops when object on conveyor blocks the photoeye at the end of the conveyor.
    8.Clamp cylinder extends 2 seconds after the conveyor stops.
    9.Drill motor starts when clamp cylinder is fully extended.
    10.Drill starts downward travel 2 seconds after motor starts.
    11.Drill starts back up as soon as it is at bottom of travel.
    12.Drill stops when it is back to the up position.
    13.Clamp cylinder retracts 2 seconds after the drill has stopped.
    14.Process is ended when the cylinder has reached the retracted position.
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    Dec 9, 2009
    How familiar are you with ladder logic?

    Do you know how to do any of the steps? Most of them involve the closing of a normally open contact (or the opening of a normally closed contact) by from either a manual pushbutton or a limit switch of some kind.

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    Dec 9, 2009
    Yes, I have some of it down, just want to make sure it's correct. Do not have a scanner to show my progress.