help with my rectifier to two smaller circuits

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hi in this schematics you can see i have made a dice game , a buzzer and a rectifier. i designed the dice and buzzer separately from the rectifier.
after the designs were done i tried combining the rectifier to the dice and buzzer circuit but every time i trial run it, the rectifier blows in multisim , what am i missing? or what have i done wrong? anyway the 5MR is there to decrease the 9v to 5ish V for the 4017 ic.

this is my final year project and requirement of 3 different circuits thus the separation of lot's of things.
i would really appreciate the help! thanks geniuses :D


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C4 should be a little lower 0.1 uf like C5
it was initially suppose to be 0.33uF but i bought 0.33F without looking and so i thought the nearest to 0.33uF was 1uF which i had extra thus soldering it in haha.. anyway i just changed C4 value doesn't seem to do a difference..

nah it's connected correctly because when i remove the rest of the circuit , the rectifier works...


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No it wont C4 and C5 are for transients and is recommended by the manufacturer.

apart from that i dont see anything wrong with your circuit.

if you want you could simulate just the rectifier circut thn see if the transfomer blows


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If it is actually a 0.33 Farad capacitor, then it is VERY large. It may have a low voltage rating. If the voltage rating on the 0.33F cap is low, it will look like a short to the transformer output.