Help with multiple motion sensor units with wireless display

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I am new to the site but not to electronics. I took electronics at school quite a few years ago now. I can read diagrams and soldier but for what I have in mind is far past my knollege. The following project is for the purpose of Airsoft (Paintball with out the mess).

To build x1 wireless display device and x3 wireless motion sensors.

The Display Device:
The display device needs to be as small as possiable, light and fitted to my wrist. It should have a vibration alert everytime a sensor is tripped and indicate which sensor via a lit LED. Once the sensor is tripped the LED should stay on and the unit should only vibrate once.

The Sensors:
The sensors need to be fairly small and light.
Have no LEDs on them to give away their position.
The 3 sensors ideally need to be a single IR laser beams ( to put accross doorways). If possiable I would prefere if there was not another unit on the other side that the laser makes contact with.

Thank you for your help.
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The sensors are readily available from an alarm supply co. Getting just the receiver might be a problem, but it's a start.