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    Can someone please help me ?

    Given the following program:
    ORG 100
    If, Load X
    Subt Y
    Skipcond 400
    Jump Else
    Then, Load X
    Add X
    Add Z
    Store X
    Jump Endif
    Else, Load Y
    Subt X
    Store Y
    Endif, Halt
    X, Dec 12
    Y, Dec 20
    Z, Dec 10
    a) Present the register transfer notation (RTN) for each of the following instructions.
    - Load X
    - Store X
    - Add X
    - Subt X
    a) Describe the output of the above program. what values will be in:
    i) Memory location X
    ii) Memory location Y
    iii) Memory location Z
    b) Use the MARIE Simulator to run the above program (MarieDP1 or MarieSim)
    i) Show the changes in the registers (AC, IR, MAR, MBR, PC); Take
    snapshots showing these registers during the execution of the first Load
    ii) Give a description for these changes in (AC, IR, MBR, MAR, PC