Help with Konica copier circuit board!

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Okay, call me crazy, but i've painstakenly used visio to draw out the schematic of a circuit board that i pulled out of a Konica copier.

    i found it online as a "FG2-1561 SORTER CONTROLLER PCB ASSY" and i want to use it to use an old Fujitsu tablet PC to create some sort of tablet-pc-on-wheels. robot, if you will.

    attached is the visio project drawing of the schematic--it is probably not perfect but the idea was to get an understanding of what hooks up to all the connection blocks. power, motors, steppers, sensors, etc...

    any help in identifying the ports and their possible connections, and more importantly, the data IN ports. i've researched all the parts and have an idea, however, i was hoping for some fellow-enthusiasts' confirmation.

    i've already made some test projects using a parallel-port but was curious for the best NON-controller boards that i could buy. i do NOT want to use some protocol or language to communicate with a device, i want to use BCD encoded data on a LPT port (or serial if possible) so i can write my OWN C/C++ programs to do ALL functionality of I/O to motors, steppers, etc.

    ALL suggestions would be appreciated! I've seen all the STAMP, and PIC boards, and would prefer to use something like this:
    but something to control DC motors (for VARIABLE dual DC motor speed control) and steppers (for steering).

    see attached visio schematic

    note: B.GND i think is actually +5V