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an inductor has an internal resistance of 25 Ω and quality factor of 10 at a resonance frequency of 10kHz is fed from a 100V supply. calculate the following:

i) Value of series capacitance required to produce resonance with the coil
ii) The inductance of the coil
iii) Q0 using L/C ratio
iv) Voltage across the capacitor at resonance
v) Voltage across the coil at resonance

can anyone help me start? i'm at a loss. thank you.


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Q = XL / R(DC)

Q = Quality factor
XL = inductive reactance
R(DC) = DC resistance

So, if Q = 10 and R(DC) = 25 then XL = 2500-ohms.

Now you have inductive reactance and can solve for inductance L.

XL = 6.28*F*L

So, L = XL / 6.28*F