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    Feb 6, 2010
    hello guys

    i'm developing a GLCD oscilloscope project which i found on the net and has been designed by Steve on! the programmer provided both the source code and hex file on his web page!
    i constructed the hardware parts and made all the connections, then i tested it with given hex file and the GLCD oscilloscope worked very well.

    but my problem is when i want to use the given given source code, i compiled it successfully but it didn't display the correct signal!

    the programmer mentioned something about modifying the GLCD driver of the compiler (ccs c) and he explained the way of how to do that but although i followd all the steps , it still doesn't work with me!

    attached here first is the original GLCD dirver for the compiler, then the explanation by the designer of how to modify the GLCD and last attach is the modified GLCD by me (not sure if it's corrct or somthin wrong with it)

    can u pls tell me where's the problem?

    i'm using 18F2550 GLCD Oscilloscope DR1r1 – no bootloader.c
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