Help with generic Mp4 player -trouble formating/configuring

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I purchased generic 8 GB Mp4 player. When I attached the Mp4 player to my CompaqPressario (XP operating system) the Mp4 players was formatted to FAT32 and I lost 4.2GB. To top it all off, my computer does not recognize the generic Mp4 player. I have to go into Devices, Action, click on USB controllers and scan for hardware changes so that my computer recognizes the Mp4 player. I have managed to download a lot songs onto my Mp4 player. Now it there any way I can get back the 4.2GBs I lost when my pc automatically reformatted the generic Mp4 player? Also is there anyway I can configure or format the generic Mp4 player so that my computer automatically recognizes it. I have searched for firmware, drivers, software etc but can't find anything.

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Any words of advice would be appreciated.

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Ok. Get the PC to recognise the drive. Right click and go to properties. Click the hardware tab, select the device, and click properties. Click on the "Policies" tab

Now one of two options will be selected.

Optimise for quick removal


Optimise for performance

Whichever one is selected, SELECT THE OPOSITE ONE.

Now OK/Apply all changes, right click on the drive and format it again. When you get to he dialog box, select FAT as the file system. If FAT is unavailable, select FAT32 and hopefully... Try all this and post the end result. If this does no work, you may need to remove and recreate the partition or if possible just expand it, but ill guide you through that if this doesnt work.