Help with Device to Annoy Rude Campers who Play Loud Music: Modify Boombox?

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Completely innocent of electronics knowledge, but I have an idea and your suggestions would be great.

I was camping with my friends at a wilderness park when a bunch of jerks showed up and began playing crappy music at high volumes. When I finally found the campground "host", he was drinking beer with these creeps and basically told me to go bugger myself. This gave me an idea which I am incapable of executing.

I'd like to connect a microphone to a standard boombox, receive the input, delay if for a variable amount of time (0.2 to 0.8 seconds seems about right), and then send it back out the speakers. Sound quality is not important, indeed poor reproduction might be better.

I am thinking that the echo effect of their music might be maddening and I wouldn't have to get into an argument with these idiots if I concealed the box in the trees.

The ability to vary the time delay is simply so I can find the most annoying echo effect, which may vary depending on the music.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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We had similar situations in college dorm rooms, country on one side and rap on the other, competing to outdo each other with us in the middle. Our solution was to build a 555 oscillator in the ultrasonic region, and feed into our stereo. They cranked up the volume, so did we (with the speakers feeding the AC ducts for maximum effect). Worked OK for this application.