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I just finished writing a program in C using Dec-c++, but when I compile and run the window opens and closes before I can use the program. Is there anything I can do to keep the window open?


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I forgot the exact name of the command since I haven't used C in forever, but use a command that asks for an input at the end. That will pause the program before it closes.


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Salgat is correct. When running c++ programs in the Windows environment, the program runs fine and closes when it is complete. Adding a simple cin>> statement to a variable at the end will pause the program until you enter a value. This will allow you to see any other output from your program as long as you like.


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You can also run you console program from the command line. Just put a batch file containing the line "cmd.exe" (or "" if you are using Windows 95/98) in the same folder of the compiled executable. Thus you can test your program without alterations.

Dev-C++ is a great compiler. I think it uses the same assembler as DJGPP (GCC - GNU Compiler Colection).